Project Description

Client:   Balmoral
Location:  Birmingham, MI
Square Footage: 88,000
Architect:   Christopher J Longe AIA
Ronnisch Service:   Construction Management

Gail and Rice

Project Description

Client:   Gail and Rice
Location: Farmington Hills, MI
Square Footage: 10,000
Architect: Biddison
Ronnisch Service: General Contracting

550 Merrill

Project Description

Client:  Merrill Street Office Building, Jeff Surnow-The Surnow Company
Location: 550 West Merrill Street, Birmingham, MI 48009
Square Footage: 20,630
Architect:  Biddison Architecture
Ronnisch Service:   Construction Management

The Project

This structure, built in 1967, was once known as the Birmingham Public Schools Administration Building.

When Jeff Surnow’s development team first toured the building, they were confronted with many challenges. Mr. Surnow had a vision, he wanted to create an inviting multi-tenant office that would act as a small community.

Mr. Surnow was very selective in his search for the right Tenant mix. He wanted to incorporate a wide range of professionals, who would interact well with each other. The building’s original bunker appearance has now been transformed into an inviting glass facade.

The sleek glass design brings the outside, inside. In this manner, tenants and visitors may come together professionally or socially.

Travertine marble, walnut, steel and glass, add a level of elegance and sophistication. High-quality craftsmanship can be seen throughout the structure. The building offers beautiful views of the adjacent parks, gardens, and provides plenty of natural light.

Emagine Entertainment & Star Lanes

Project Description

Client: Paul Glantz – Emagine Entertainment & Star Lanes
Location:   Royal Oak, MI
Square Footage: 73,000
Architect: Studio Three Design
Ronnisch Service:   General Contracting & Construction Management

The Project

Paul Glantz, owner of Emagine Entertainment, envisioned the development of an entertainment venue, integrated into the pedestrian-oriented Downtown of Royal Oak. Ronnisch/MICCO Joint Venture was ready to bring Paul Glantz’s unique vision to life.

With a daunting schedule, we began construction of the 73,000-square foot Emagine Theater.

In just eight months, the building that once housed a gas station, tire business, and grocery store, was redeveloped into an entertainment venue.

The first challenge we encountered was meeting the very aggressive eight-month construction schedule.

In order to complete the project on time, we were constantly communicating with our subcontractors, the owner’s, vendors, and suppliers.

The Ronnisch team kept an open dialogue with City of Royal Oak officials and inspectors. Their cooperation and commitment to the project was critical to ensure there was continuous production and no downtime.

Ronnisch/MICCO JV also ran staggered shifts, working six days a week. This meant construction on the site ran non-stop from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Our second challenge was that we were building a masonry bearing building with a near zero lot line in the winter. Since the building was being built so close to 11 Mile Road, a special bracing system was engineered to stabilize the masonry walls until the structural steel was installed. This helped to permanently stabilize the structure.

Delivering materials was difficult due to the limited amount of parking and staging space on the property. Material and delivery schedules had to be coordinated with precision and closely monitored.

An extensive coordination effort went into the installation of special systems such as: the bowling alley equipment, video/sound systems, bar with remote beer cooler, stadium/special seating and theater screens.

Considering the economic climate and stricter lending requirements, the owner needed to secure gap financing to ensure the financial feasibility of the project. Previous parcel divisions associated with a prior, unfinished project, made it necessary to define the site boundaries.

We needed to incorporate not only the intended structure, but also consider historic impacts on the original parcels, so we could qualify for the MBT Brownfield Tax Credit.

This project was a true urban development, with a two- story design, pedestrian-oriented location, and dependence on available parking structures.

In addition to breathing new life into the property, the building also achieved LEED certification with the help of a solar power system installed on the roof that feeds power to the building.

The state of the art movie theater has 10 screens, 1,680 seats, private banquet facilities, and is a first run theater. It is also a Multifaceted Entertainment facility.

GP Think Tank

Project Description

Client:   GP Think Tank
Location: Ferndale, MI
Square Footage: 5,000
Architect: Biddison
Ronnisch Service: Construction Management

Vibe Credit Union

Project Description

Client:  Vibe Credit Union
Surface Area: 3,400
Architect: Zimmerman Design
Ronnisch Service: General Contracting & Design Build

The Project

Vibe Credit Union underwent a corporate transformation. They wanted a trustworthy General Contractor to assist with the implementation, construction, and design of their flagship branch.

After undergoing a metamorphosis and re-branding, Vibe Credit Union looked to the Ronnisch Construction team to implement their new style. Vibe Credit Union’s main goal was to change the experience of banking, with a clear focus on customer service.

The site of the new building was on 2.15 acres and the soil conditions were very poor. We had to proof-roll the site to pinpoint the exact location of the inadequate soil. We also had to proceed methodically to locate, remove, and replace the poor soil with engineered backfill.

Structurally, the poor soil conditions meant that we had to use re-engineered spread footings to accommodate the new buildings structural load.

Milling and sorting the existing parking lot for reuse, offset the costs of the new foundations.

A city building ordinance required a minimum of 50% masonry for the building exterior. “We ended up using a plinth base and an entry wall of 2 by 2-foot and 4 by 4-foot honed Indiana limestone, offsetting it with a rain screen laminated metal panel system for the balance of the building,” said Zimmerman

We used a wide range of materials for this building such as; honed limestone, laminated metal panels, and zinc coated metal tiles which form Vibe’s iconic cylinder.

North American Bancard Headquarters

north american bancard headquarters

Project Description

Client:   North American Bancard Headquarters
Location:  Troy, MI
Square Footage: 100,000
Architect:   Neumann Smith
Ronnisch Services: Construction Management

Agree Realty

Project Description

Client:   Agree Realty Headquarters
Location:   Bloomfield Hills, MI
Square Footage: 20,000
Architect: Biddison Architecture + Design
Ronnisch Service:  Construction Management