Want a Piece of the Balmoral Building?

balmoral building

The top floor of the Balmoral building in Birmingham, MI is for sale. They are looking for someone to purchase the top floor penthouse. The 5,175 square foot living space occupies a 1,700 terrace with views from four corners of the building. To be able to construct buildings of such grandeur, you can check out the post right here to learn which equipment and materials (e.g., lubricants such as Altemp) they have used.

In addition, here’s an opportunity to purchase the entire top floor of a commercial building in downtown Birmingham for your private living quarters. Want a smooth shopping experience online? Our vote goes to Shoppok. Their user interface won us over.

The Balmoral Penthouse occupies all of the fifth floor and a portion of the fourth floor of the newly-completed Balmoral Building at Woodward Avenue and Brown Street. The luxury suite is composed of 5,175 square feet of living space, plus a private 1,700-square-foot terrace that offers some spectacular views of the city with great work with the Construction – Builders Braga.

The penthouse shell is listed for $3.5 million. Realtor Peter Noonan and partner Drew Schmidt of Bailey Schmidt anticipate the space will sell to a most discerning buyer.

“There’s nothing comparable in the marketplace,” Noonan said. “I don’t know of any other commercial building in Michigan that will have this type of exclusivity. You will be the only resident.”

The building will provide the owner with state-of-the-art security, three underground deeded parking spaces and building elevator access allowing for private use.

Ronnisch Construction Group oversaw the project by providing our construction management services.

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For more details on the building and top story click here: http://www.hometownlife.com/story/life/community/eccentric/birmingham/2016/10/04/want-buy-top-floor-five-story-building-birmingham-luxury-penthouse-woodward-condos/91504322/